Tatzu Nishi’s “Discovering Columbus” Exhibit

“Discovering Columbus”, Japanese conceptual artist, Tatzu Nishi’s 6-story art installation is still on view in Columbus Circle until December 2nd, 2012.

Viewers are invited into a fully furnished 6th floor walk-up apartment to interact with the statue in an unconventional, yet cozy way.  In the apartment you’ll find couches, TV, mini-library filled with classic American literature, and even wallpaper (designed by Nishi himself) with iconic images of Americana like Elvis, the Empire State Building, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, and the Hot Dog. The apartment even has windows allowing visitors 6th floor views of Central Park South and Columbus Circle.

As if all is homage to Columbus and his ever-adventurous spirit.

Nishi’s drawing of the planned living room exhibit space.

The exhibit, sponsored by Public Art Fund, requires you obtain a timed ticket either online or from the information desk in the Time Warner Building across the street. This is to avoid the hassle of long lines so you can see (and commune with) the statue without much of a wait.