Easy Fixes for Dry or Damaged Hair

Cold air can really stress out hair, regardless of your hair type. Consider the following easy fixes to keep your locks moisturized throughout the winter months:

  • Styling break: The heat from blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons can leave hair looking dry and brittle. Apply a styling cream while your hair is still damp and lower the heat level on your styling tools. Also, consider letting your hair air dry once in a while to give it a day off from the heat.
  • Brush before bed: Brushing hair helps spread out oils from your scalp.
  • Lessen shampoo: Too much shampooing can dry out the scalp and hair. When you shampoo, rub just the scalp allowing the lather to run down hair. When using conditioner, apply only to ends, not the scalp.
  • Fatty treatment: Hair loves the fatty acids found in foods like avocado, salmon and olive oil. These natural oils can help moisturize a dry scalp.