2013 Oscar Beauty Buzz!











With The Oscars quickly approaching this Sunday Feb 24, 2013, celebrity beauty trends are all abuzz.

Check out this article from Reuters, “Bird droppings, bull testicles among pre-Oscar beauty treatments“, which mentions Shizuka New York’s The Geisha Facial ®! It also appears on bdnews24.com, an online newspaper from Bangladesh, “Poop facial for Oscar beauty“!


For those who are needle-averse, bird poop could be the answer to brighter skin. Shizuka New York Day Spa in Manhattan offers a Geisha Facial, an hour-long treatment that involves applying nightingale bird droppings in powder form to the skin.

“There are so many drastic options to exfoliating the skin like chemical peels and microdermabrasion,” Bernstein told Reuters. “But if you want a more natural approach, this will give you great results as well. Dead skin is removed, skin tone is brighter and you’re left with a radiant look.”