Are Bangs the New Facelift?

Images courtesy of Getty Images and AP

(L-R) Diane Keaton, Michelle Obama, and Helen Mirren. (Getty (2); AP (1))











The First Lady Michelle Obama showed up for inaugural weekend sporting a new flirty hair style with bangs. The Daily Beast reported that Ms. Obama jokingly responded the bangs were a result of a ‘midlife crises’. Scrutinizing beauty experts were left wondering what other beauty-related lengths women will go to during a midlife crises.

But as far as these experts are concerned, bangs just scream beauty:


    John Barrett, founder of the Bergdorf Goodman salon says, “If done correctly, [sporting bangs or deciding to add color] can shave years off of a woman’s appearance.”



    Marshall Lin, a stylist at the Frédéric Fekkai Salon in SoHo, agrees, “Bangs can add a youthful, modern edge to a style.”



    President Obama proclaimed them “the most significant event of [the inaugural] weekend.”

What are your thoughts? Do bangs enhance or hide a women’s beauty?