DIY Summertime Detox Tips from Gary B.

Detox is the term given to the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins and impurities. Everybody can benefit from a detox regimen every now and then. Some even claim detox’ing on a regular basis helps with weight loss, cellulite reduction, and an increase of energy.

Here are some DIY detox tips from our senior Licensed Massage Therapist, Gary Bergman, to help you feel your very best this summer:

Toxins like acid, waste products, enzymes, and proteins that remain in the blood can, due to gravity,  settle like sediment in the feet. Many motor nerves also end in the feet, so by giving your feet some extra special attention once in a while, you’ll be able to increase mobility and blood circulation, thereby lowering blood pressure and increasing immunity–ain’t detox great?

1. Soak your feet in hot water with Epsom or any kind of bath salts. At the end of a long day after walking around in strappy sandals or shoes without much support, a 15-20 min. foot soak will really do the whole body good. The salt will help draw out uric acid build up in the muscles around the feet and ankles and will also give you a quick magnesium boost.

2. Massage the bottoms of your feet with a golf or racket ball by moving your foot in a circular motion for about two minutes at a time while standing or sitting. Be sure to move the ball along the arch and ball of the foot. This will break up any tightness and loosen tendons, as well as contribute to foot flexibility. Flexible feet will also keep joints loose decreasing the possibility of bad sprains.

3. Flush out toxins naturally by drinking plenty of water. I know we hear this all the time, but without proper hydration the body has a harder time flushing out impurities. Some people love fizzy or sparkling water but it isn’t as hydrating as good ole H2O. If you drink sparkling this summer, I suggest adding a little juice or fresh fruit to it to increase its hydrating capacity.

Just remember: when in doubt, flush it out!
~ Gary

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