Why Fish Pedicures are banned in NY State

Back in 2010 Shizuka appeared on ABC News Now to demonstrate The Geisha Facial® on a segment called “Bizarre Beauty Secrets”. The segment also included other services (NOT sponsored by Shizuka) such as the Fish Pedicure where tiny garra rufa fish literally nibble the dead skin off your feet.

Since the show aired, we’ve received plenty of phone calls asking about this pedicure, but our spa never has nor ever will offer Fish Pedicures—sorry!

The treatment, also known as “Dr. Fish” is banned in NY State primarily for sanitary reasons. Because the fish are very much alive, it’s nearly impossible to fully sanitize the water in which they swim (and produce bio-wastes!) And then there’s the matter of the fish themselves. It’s just as impossible to sanitize the fish between treatments. So while it may seem unlikely, the fish can actually become vehicles to spread fungal infections and other diseases between other customers.

When it comes to pedicures, we recommend keeping it clean and simple. A good exfoliation and thorough callus care will slough any and all dead skin away. Next time you need a good scrub, reconsider sticking your feet in a fish tank, and opt instead for a pedicure treatment like our Bamboo Scrub Pedicure.