Shizuka’s BeautyZen Corner: Japanese Foot Reflexology

Shizuka's BeautyZen Corner

Foot reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to areas of the feet, using specific hand techniques, to relieve ailments and keep the body aligned and balanced.

Japanese reflexology is a derivative of Chinese reflexology with only a few modifications. Japanese reflexology differs from massage in that it works to activate nerve endings whereas massage is pressure applied to the body’s soft tissues and muscles.

With reflexology, areas of the foot are mapped out to correspond to certain organs and bodily functioning. Trained massage therapists apply precise pressure to these areas together with specific and correlating hand movements. As a result, the entire body will feel rejuvenated and awake.

Upon stimulating the nerve endings in your feet, the corresponding body parts get stimulated too. Some opt for “walking reflexology” by wearing sandals with stones, rubber prongs, or wooden pegs. These sandals can be worn for as little or as long as possible to stimulate and massage nerve endings in the feet.

Though reflexology sandals are a convenient way to wake up your feet, it doesn’t compare to the precision and relief a skilled therapist provides during a foot reflexology session.