Tackle Lines, Wrinkles, Sags & Spots Now to Avoid Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Later

Part III of How to Avoid the Need for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

In part I of How to Avoid the Need for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we looked at two simple products to help protect your skin against the effects of sun and age — sunscreen and moisturizer.

In part II, Lifestyle Choices to Avoid the Need for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we looked at some simple – not necessarily easy – but simple lifestyle changes to help preserve your youthful visage, at any age.

In this final part of the series, we’ll look at what you can do, non-surgically, to take the edge off of any wear & tear that’s starting to take a toll on your skin.

If Age and/or The Mileage Is Starting Show

Despite all the best prevention, age and living on this earth will start to show on you — but there specific things you can do to stay ahead of the aging curve, to age gracefully.

Go Beyond Lotions and Creams: Serums, Retinoids & Brightening Products

Moisturizers are a great first line of defense against aging and will help to restore water and prevent dryness, but as you age, you’ll want to do more – and that’s where serums, retinoids & brightening products come in.

Serums, applied before sunscreen, have high concentrations of active ingredients and powerful doses of peptides and  antioxidants, like vitamins C & E. They also contain skin brighteners, such as kojic acid.

Serums are typically made with super tiny molecules, so the skin is able to absorb them rapidly and efficiently.

A retinoid is another product that goes beyond the simple protection of  sunscreens and moisturizers: retinoids are effective in keeping wrinkles and sagging skin at a minimum by improving both collagen and elastin production.

Finally, if you have, or are starting to show, age spots, you can reduce their appearance with a good brightening product that contains vitamins C & K.

Top it Off with Facials

French actresses Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche & Catherine Deneuve seem as timeless as they are beautiful  – like great magicians, Frenchwomen never reveal  their secrets, but a recent New York Times article, Aging Gracefully, the French Way, revealed one surprising trick: facials and facial and body massages – ooh la la!

So, if you feel that age, or just the mileage — or both — are starting to catch up with your skin, take action today: go beyond simple lotions and creams and add serums, retinoids & brightening products to your skin care routine, and take advantage of our highly popular facials, which have been featured on CNN, Fox News, The Today Show, PerezHilton.com, People Magazine, and many more – and, finally, sign up for our newsletter to receive our exclusive spa deals and monthly promotions.