Shizuka New York Launches new Products in Japan

Shizuka new york Japan Skincare line

Shizuka New York Launches new Products in Japan

We’re thrilled to announce that new Shizuka New York Skincare products are now available in Japan!

Shizuka’s new skin care line for Japan-based clientelle features all new products featuring Placenta and Collagen extract, Hydrolysis Mango extract, and rich Fruits extract. These products are all-natural and free of Artificial Coloring, Synthetic fragrances, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, and Ultraviolet Absorber.

The Shizuka New York Skin care line in Japan debuts these new products:

Whitening Essence Lotion, Lifting Creamy Serum, Warm-Up Cleansing Oil, and Moist-Full Forming Wash.

Shizuka New York Skin Care Japan

The new line are currently available for purchase and shipping only within Japan. However, the products will soon be available to U.S. and international customers, so stay tuned!

Inspiration for Shizuka’s Japan collection comes from her 20 years of experience as lead esthetician at her spa in Manhattan combined with new developments in natural skincare. The products include a combination of placenta extract, which naturally lifts and firms skin, collagen extract, and rich fruit extracts to ultimately brighten, firm, and tone skin. Look to Shizuka’s Japan skincare line to brighten and transform skin for that spotless and ageless beauty quality often associated with Japanese women’s skin.

For more information, be sure to visit our Japanese product website here.