How to do Anti Aging Facial at home

How to do Anti Aging Facial at home

SHIZUKA new york on NY Japion 9.9.16

NY Japion, weekly paper in New York, features owner Shizuka Bernstein in their September 9th, 2016 issue.

This article is a part of a series of “How to make a smooth bare skin” .


In this article, Shizuka offers DIY skincare tips and how to do Anti Aging Facial at home.


How to make a facial massage oil:

Mix Lavender essential oil and lubricant oil for face such as Jojoba oil.

Lavender has a side of natural antiseptic.


How to do mini Anti Aging Facial at home:

First, start from a massage to lift up for good blood flow.

  1. Use your index finger from sides of your nose to ears. Use your thumb from under your chin to under your ears.
  2. For forehead, between your eyebrows and go up, middle to sides.
  3. Start from inner corners of eyes and go outwards. (Massage lightly with your fingers for both 2 and 3)
  4. Lift up the sides of your lips.

Pressing specific points (Tsubo) of your Face is also effective.

  1. Bones around your eyes. (push up around your eye hole)
  2. Temple.
  3. Jaw joint. Press three times lightly with your finger for each point.

Finish it up with a massage to lower back the lymph flow.

Use three fingers (index finger, middle finger, third finger) and trace the points below with a gentle finger.

  1. Under eyes
  2. Temple
  3. Jaw line
  4. Neck
  5. Clavicle


There’s many ways to prevent wrinkles.

  1. Lie on your back when you sleep. Sleeping side ways might cause wrinkles on the side your face that’s facing down.
  2. Use a thin pillow. Using a thick pillow might cause wrinkles around your neck.
  3. Don’t hesitate to use reading glasses. This will help to prevent wrinkles between eyebrows.
  4. Avoid Sunlight. Use Sunglasses and Sun protection daily.
  5. Don’t smoke. Smoking cigarette can age you.

These are just few examples, but there’s many other ways you can try in everyday life.


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