Acne Facial with Blue Light

NYC Acne Treamtnet

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Acne Facial with Blue Light


We’re happy to introduce the latest Acne treatment at SHIZUKA new york!


SHIZUKA new york’s latest Acne Facial uses FDA-cleared Blue Light technology.


After through cleansing and pore extraction, Blue Light is applied to the skin.

Blue light reach deep into the pores to neutralize acne-forming bacteria and to help resolve current lesions more quickly. This NYC Acne facial also prevents future breakouts.


We recommend Acne Facial every 2-4 weeks, depending on skin type.

Blue Light acne treatment can be added to any Shizuka NY facial for an additional $75.


Acne Facial
75min, $205


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This Acne treatment is simple and painless. It is perfect for every skin type, and it clears skin without drying out your skin.


Before & After

Photo source: Baby Quasar


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