Shizuka shared tips for beautiful lips for NY Japion

NY Japion Tips for Beautyful Lips

Tips for beautiful lips

NY Japion, weekly paper in New York, features owner Shizuka Bernstein in their March 17th, 2017 issue. In this article, Shizuka offers tips for beautiful lips.


Does skin freshener help to keep my lips hydrated?

Oil is the most effective ingredient to keep your lips hydrated. Skin freshener and moisturizer also has oil. However, it’s better to use lip balm which contains more oil to keep your lips hydrated. It’s the best to put your lip balm on frequently to prevent your lips from drying.


How can I have flawless lips?

  1. Prevent your skin from brown spots by using lip balm with UV protection. When your lips has sunburn, cool it down with cold towel. Then, hydrate your skin with something that contains Aloe Vera.
  2. Staying away from smoking is a big first step for a flawless skin. Although Vitamin C inhibits the production of brown spot’s cause melanin, Tar and Nicotine in Cigarette decreases the amount of Vitamin C absorbed in body. Also, when you purse your lips to smoke, you’ll see folds in the skin. Reputation of this motion can result in permanent creases and lines around your mouth.


What should I do when I have chapped lips?

Hydrate your lips with lip balm when your skin starts peeling and don’t peel it off. Key ingredient for hydration is Shea butter. Try to look for a lip balm that contains Shea butter. Fatty acid from Shea butter is similar to natural oil from human, which is why it blends into skin easily. It also helps to make your skin smoother.

When your lips are extremely dried, avoid products with disinfecting or freshness purpose ingredients for example Menthol, Camphor, and Eucalyptus. It’s not just harsh for your lips, but it could also cause inflammation.


Tips for soft and smooth lips

To keep your lips moisturized, it’s ideal to take about 6 1/2 US cups (1.6 litter) a day. Be careful not to take too much water. It could flush out Vitamin C and Calcium.

Humidifier and face masks also helps to keep your lips hydrated.


Lip care at home

– How to make lip mask with what you have at home



Edible Honey



Mix honey and sugar 1 tea spoon each, then apply it gently on your lip with your finger with circular motion. Leave it on for few minutes, and remove it with warm water. Apply lip balm while the water is still remaining. Covering moisturized lips is the point to keep your lips hydrated.

Vitamin B1 and B2 in Honey recovers your skin from damaging and Sugar exfoliates dead skin. Once per 1-2 weeks is ideal.


Original article: NY Japion No.907