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Skin Ingredient Technology does Wonders

By Austine Mah, from Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa August 2008

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa features uguisu no fun in Shizuka's Geisha Facial®Birds are the source of the lates ingredient to be used in a signature facial at Shizuka NY Day Spa in New York City. Ingredient technology continues to evolve and as new ingredients are introduced, new facial treatments are developed. We’ve heard of blueberry and pumpkin inspired facials, but have you heard of a facial that uses as a key ingredient uguiso no fun, Japanese for powdered nightingale droppings?

Cleanses, Exfoliates

Shizuka Bernstein, owner and lead esthetician of Shizuka New York, designed this specialty treatment after hearing of stories from her mother about the geisha who cleansed their faces with nightingale droppings to remove the heavy applications of lad based makeup. Bernstein decided to test the droppings and interestingly found that they had the ability to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten the skin due to their natural enzymes and the guanine, a nucleobase found in DNA and RNA, which leaves the skin with a pearly luster.

Bernstein has always been in search of new ingredients and treatments for her spa. She firmly believes that natural ingredients, defined as being free of harsh chemicals, can deliver powerful anti-aging results with less risk of irritating the skin. She was inspired to develop an original line of products, in addition to the various facial treatments using a variety of native Japanese ingredients such as green tea, soy, sake, pearl, rice bran and Mt. Fuji water. The bird droppings facial is named the Geisha Facial® at her spa and uses uguisu no fun – powdered nightingale droppings – as the signature ingredient. By offering ingredients native to her home country, Japan, she says, she “feel(s) like I am also bringing a little piece of Japanese culture to those who experience my treatments and products.”

Pleasant aroma, pearly glow

The Geisha Facial® uses a mix of ultraviolet sterilized uguisu no fun powder with other natural ingredients to form a mask that exfoliates and brightens the skin while neutralizing the natural, musky odor of the droppings. Many of Bernstein’s clients are surprised at the smooth and gentle texture of the uguiso no fun inspired mask. Bernstein says clients are also surprised at the mild and pleasant aroma that I describe as dough-like. The best part of the signature Geisha Facial® is the end result when clients leave the treatment room with a pearly glow, refreshed and renewed.

This facial is a permanent part of Bernstein’s spa menu and as you can imagine, it has gained great press coverage and continues to be one of the more popular treatments. From pumpkin to uguisu no fun, ingredient technology continues to evolve and inspire facial treatments and products for the professional skin care industry.

Austine Mah is an esthetician, educator, author and marketing consultant. She is president of Austine Inc., and can be reached through the website, www.austineinc.com.


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