Geisha Facial Anti-Aging Treatment New York Daily News Review

Vavelta baby foreskins and the Geisha Bird Poop Facial in New York Daily News

Shizuka’s Geisha Facial® was mentioned with Vavelta (baby foreskin!) in the New York Daily News on November 18th, 2008 in an article profiling celebrity spa treatments and new anti-aging treatments:

Vavelta is a clear liquid derived from baby foreskins, donated by mothers whose babies have just been circumcised. The liquid is injected into adult skin damaged by acne or burns.

The results look promising so far, but it’s a bit early to get too excited. Vavelta, developed by a British biomedical company called Intercytex, is at least four years away from being available in the U.S. If it does win FDA approval, chances are Vavelta would be used only in the treatment of burns and acne, at least initially, a company spokesperson says.

The treatment, which claims to be permanent, is different from skin fillers like Juvederm and Restylane because it contains tiny skin cells, called fibroblasts. The cells rejuvenate and revitalize damaged, aging skin from the inside by actually repopulating the lower skin layers with millions of healthy young skin cells.

The Daily News writer also mentions cutting-edge celebrity spa treatments such as cupping (Gwyneth Paltrow), leech therapy (Demi Moore), and of course the Geisha Facial® from Shizuka New York Day Spa:

While they’re waiting for the viability of Vavelta to be decided by the FDA, wrinkle-conscious Americans can still try other unorthodox anti-aging treatments for the next few years.

Those who aren’t squeamish about, well, poop, might take advantage of a one-of-a-kind facial that combines “sanitized” nightingale droppings with natural oils to hydrate the skin. Called the Geisha Facial®  — it’s been used by Japan’s geishas for centuries — the treatment is said to break down dead skin cells and draw out any bacteria from the cells more gently than acid peels. Among the celebs said to have tried (and loved) the Geisha Facial® is Victoria Beckham.

New York Daily News: “Vavelta may be the new wave in anti-aging treatment”

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

By Rosemary Black


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