Perez Pooh-Pooh’s the Nightingale Poo Facial

Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton Pokes Fun at the Geisha Facial®


In two separate posts, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has poked fun at the nightingale poo facial – Shizuka’s Geisha Facial®.  In an October 7th post, Perez commented on the news that Victoria “Posh Spice” and David Beckham were both fans of the newest in celebrity beauty secrets:

If you’re like the rest of us, bird droppings on your face are gross and annoying.

If you’re superstitious, bird droppings on your face are a sign of good luck.

And if you’re the Beckhams, bird droppings on your face are the key to clear skin.


Apparently, on a recent trip to Japan, Poshy was admiring the locals’ clear pristine skin, and when she discovered that their secret was a facial paste made of nightingale poop, well gosh-darnit, she just had to have it!

So, Her Royal Fierceness and hubby Becks have been forking over about $200 for Geisha facials.

That sounds like porn.

Hey, whatever works – cause girlfriend’s skin has been positively glowing!

Poo on her!

Perez first picked up the story from Fox News Channel in August 2008 when all he had to say was “EEW!”  Even more amusing than Perez’s always-witty commentary are the candid remarks of his readers regarding this new celebrity beauty secret:

“Things that make you go hmmmmm…” -Sheba08

“These facials have been around a long time. But most celebs don’t admit to getting them. But you are right, her usually orange fried, and crappy skin has been looking amazing! Bring on the poop! ” -MaggieMay

“I need this product on my behinder. It is covered with a rash and dark spots I can’t seem to get rid of.” -CORNDOGMAN

“Uh, I could have Big Bird sit directly on my face.” – CrankyGranny


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