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CW11 News at Ten features the Bird Poop Facial

The question we ask tonight: is this maybe going too far?  Well you decide.  There is a type of facial that is gaining popularity because of an unusual ingredient – bird droppings.

There is a high-end spa right here in midtown Manhattan that will put on your face what you probably never would, and the phones are ringing off the hook for them to do it.  Bird droppings are mixed into a facial that is guaranteed result in skin that is soft and luminous.

When most of us think of bird poop it’s “here it comes” of that and this and “splat!”  But would you ever consider scooping it on your face?


“No! Never ever would I try anything that puts bird poop on my face.”

“I would use it as long as it doesn’t leave a bad smell on my skin.”

“Bird Poop? That’s waste!”

Wait, what if it’s not from the butt of a common pigeon?  Would it make it any better if it were from a pretty bird…the delicate nightingale?


“Does it control wrinkles?”

“There’s so many things out now, why not?  I would love to try it.”

Mindy Lubell is trying it.  Soon she’ll have bird poop slathered on her face.


“We call it the Geisha Facial® and we use nightingale droppings.”


“This is a first for me. I’ve had the microdermabrasions and the brigtenings, but this is the first time I’ve ever tried poop.”

The Shizuka NY day spa in Manhattan at 7 West 51st Street, New York City is using a beauty secret that most wipe off their windshields.  First, using her own line ofskincare products, she removes makeup, and then comes the ingredient those in the know have been hip to for centuries.


“In about the 18th century in Japan, geishas and kabuki actors used white, thick makeup.”

The makeup of the geishas was also impossible to get off, and back in the day it contained lead so someone tried the droppings of the nightingale to remove the heavy makeup, and voilà.


“They have used nightingale droppings to cleanse their skin.”

Which is exactly what Shizuka is preparing now.  See, the droppings come in powdered form.  It’s UV sterilized, mixed into a mask, and brushed ever so lightly over the skin.


“Nightingale droppings have natural enzymes to break down the dead skin cells, so it exfoliates the skin.”

A little less than an hour later, it’s done and one bird’s waste becomes another woman’s beauty treasure.  So a little reporter involvment, why not smooth some poop on my face?

Again, Shizuka goes through many steps, first thoroughly cleansing it, analyzing it—that steam is amazing—then she prepares the poop.  Again, it’s powdered and mixed into a mask.  It’s massaged in, feels a bit gritty.

But the poop isn’t all!  She massages, wraps the skin in an antioxidant green tea collagen mask, and then reveals the results of a facial that some say they could never do.


“I think I will never put poop on my face. No, no, no… “

Okay, so I did it and I didn’t smell a thing.  That powdered rice bran covers any smell and my skin felt great, clean and bright.  The facials are about 200 dollars.  Again, it’s a new trend from an old discovery in the droppings of the nightingale.

Reported by Vanessa Tyler for WPIX News at 10, June 9, 2008


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