VOL. 3, JAN 2001 : Facial Skin Care Treatment for Sensitive and Damaged Skin

Facial Skin Care Treatment for Sensitive and Damaged Skin!

SHIZUKA new york day spa has started a new facial skin care treatment for those with sensitive or damaged skin. This specialized skin care treatment is ideal for all skin types that may experience sensitivity, redness, or irritation. Advanced facial skin care treatment techniques and preparations will soothe inflammation, reduce allergic symptoms and protect the skin from further damage from the environment. The facial service includes New Professional Masque with Clinical Oatmeal recognized for it’s medical skin-healing benefits.

★ Recommended Products for Sensitized Skin

∞ Climate Control (no longer avaialbe)
Sea Butter restores the skin’s barrier and locks in vital moisture. Vitamin E, Wheat Germ and Oat Extract soothe while repairing skin damage. Anti-Ozonate Complex of Fumitory, Fumaric Acid and Lemon Extract protects against further damage. Formulated with Lavender Extract for antiseptic application.

∞ Climate Control (no longer available)
An extremely gentle gel-cream to cleanse, protect and soothe skin sensitized by environmental damage. Contains Anti-Ozona Complex. May be rinsed, or tissue-off skin that cannot even tolerate water.

∞ Soothing Protection Spray (no longer available)
An ultra-calming spray formulated with Dermalogica’s Anti-Ozonate Complex to protect skin from reactive ozone while active botanicals reduce redness, irritation and inflammation and help prevent future damage.

∞ Barrier Repair (available at ShizukaNY.com/cart/index.html)
A unique anhydrous (waterless) moisturizer that melts gently into sensitized skin to help repair damage and protect skin from future environmental aggressions. Contains Anti-Ozonate Complex and organic silicones for maximum protection.

★ Trigger factors to avoid

– Sudden changes in temperature or humidity.
– Cosmetics containing lanolin, mineral oil, S.D, alcohol, artificial fragrances or D&C colors.
– Constant stress or hormonal imbalance.
– Environmental pollution, including ozone exposure.
– Unprotected sun exposure.
– Over-processed food with synthetic ingredients.
– Reduction in the Stratum Corneum from harsh cleansers or excess, exfoliation.
– Internal and external dehydration.

★ Clean up your act: 13 practical steps to detoxifying your environment

1. Smell Sense: Select a personal fragrance made from natural essential oils, and avoid fragranced household products. Some synthetic designer fragrances, while appealing, have been found by the EPA to contain small amounts of harmful substances.

2. Air Out: Have adequate fresh air circulating in your home and office.

3. Dust Bust: Vacuum away hose dust with a filtered vacuum cleaner. Buy an air purifier, too, if your budget allows.

4. Green Clean: Get rid of harsh, smelly chemical cleansers and select naturally based, biodegradable ones.

5. Water Works: Drink only filtered water, never tap water (this contains toxins) and avoid water bottles that have been exposed to heat.

6. Skin Care: Never, ever use a facial or body product that uses irritating synthetic fragrance, pesticide-tinged lanolin, comedogenic artificial colors or drying S.D. Alcohol. Products that are packaged in a jar or tub should be avoided, as these are prone to contamination.

7. De- Tox: Each day help flush out toxins with Detoxify Elixir drink and use Dermalogica’s Toxin Relief Treatment Oil in your bath.

8. Nutrient Nature: Try to stick to organic foods whenever possible, and avoid highly processed or artificially flavored and colored items.

9. Deodorant Dilemma: With new studies hinting that antiperspirants can present a health risk, use an organic deodorant, or a plain deodorant at the least.

10. Hair Snare: Like it or not, your shampoo, conditioner and styling aids all wind up on your face and body. Be as picky with your hair products as you are about skin care.

11. Stress Less: Simple relaxation may be the answer for many an aggravated skin! Reward yourself at the end of a hard day with Dermalogica’s Hydro Active Mineral Salts and Stress Relief Treatment Oil for a relaxing bath soak.

12. Solar Defense: Protecting against damaging UV rays with a minimum SPF15. Skin-care-quality Dermalogica Solar Defense is a must, especially for all people with environmentally aggravated skin.

13. Environmental Control: Protect and repair sensitized skin with Dermalogica’s Environmental Control system.

★Japanese Eyelash Perms!

A perm for your eyelashes will make your eyes more charming. The curl will last for 1-2 months after a single treatment. We use gentle, long-lasting solutions. Read more about Japanese Eyelash Perms.