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Let our skilled eyelash treatment technicians help your ‘windows to the soul’ pop like never before with eyelash treatment at Shizuka New York Day Spa.

Eyelash Perm

Throw away that outdated eyelash curler! The technique and products for our Japanese Eyelash Perm are imported straight from Tokyo, Japan. This unique eyelash treatment is proven to provide a customizable, lasting curl while being gentle to the eyelashes.
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Eyelash Extensions

Add instant volume and length to thin, short lashes with an Eyelash Extension treatment.
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Eyelash Treatment FAQ

The following are common concerns that can be improved with one, or more, of our eyelash treatments…

My eyelashes are too short…

Eyelash Extensions is the most effective eyelash treatments for adding actual length to short lashes. Eyelash extensions add instant length to the eyelashes and are perfect before a big event.

Eyelash Perms can sometimes give the impression of length if the natural lashes shoot out in many different directions (improve with an eyelash perm).

My eyelashes grow in different directions…

Japanese Eyelash Perm can help to control those crazy eyelashes and create a uniform curl that opens up the eye area. The strength of curl can be customized to your personal preferences during this eyelash treatment.

My eyelashes are too thin…

Eyelash Extensions is the best eyelash treatments for eyelashes that are too thin.


My eyelashes aren’t curly enough, or are too curly…

An Eyelash Perm is the best eyelash treatment to change the natural curl of your lashes. The strength of the curl can be customized from a lighter, “natural” look to a full curl (Betty Boop style), depending on your personal preference.



Perm Extensions
Eyelashes are too short    ◎
Eyelashes grow in different directions
Eyelashes are too thin   ○   ◎
Eyelashes are too light in color   ○
Eyelashes curl too much, or not enough

◎  Best treatment

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Eyelash Treatment Appointments

To make an appointment for an eyelash perm or eyelash extensions at Shizuka New York Day Spa, please make an appointment online or call (212) 644-7400.