VOL. 31, APRIL 2006 : Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure Use All-Natural Japanese Ingredients

Manicure NYC and Pedicure NYC

Newsletter Vol. 31: Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure

This spring Shizuka NYC Day Spa introduces a new Nail Spa Menu fusing both Japanese and Western traditions. The Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure uses all-natural Japanese ingredients to beautify your hands and feet as they soothe your senses.

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Nagomi Manicure NYC

nagomi manicure and sakura pedicure

Characters in the Japanese written language can carry multiple meanings. “Nagomi” means wholeness, calm, relaxation, and Japanese. “Sakura” r efers to the beautiful cherry blossom that blooms in the spring throughout Japan. These pink flowers also abound in our nation’s capital, a gift to the citizens of Washington DC from the mayor of Tokyo in 1912. Together, the Nagomi Manicure and the Sakura Pedicure form Shizuka NYC Day Spa ‘s exclusive nail spa menu.

Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure (1 hour, 45 minutes) $65

Sakura Pedicure NYC

Nagomi Manicure (45 minutes) $30
This uniquely Japanese manicure begins with a rice and lemon finger bath followed by detailed nail and cuticle care. Watch as your nail technician applies a customized Exfoliating Hand Scrub and a Sake-Kasu Skin Care Pack. These products are both “handmade” and “made for the hands” as they hydrate and supply vitamins, proteins, and minerals while softening and brightening. The manicure is complete with light massage and your choice of color or a simple buffing. For those in a rush, the Nagomi Manicure can be performed in your treatment room during any facial or eyelash perm.

Sakura Pedicure (1 hour) $50
Our original Sakura Pedicure begins with a warm Sakura-scented foot bath. An exfoliating Black Sesame Foot Scrub is followed by a moisturizing Sake-Kasu Foot Pack that also helps with perspiration problems. Light massage is applied to improve circulation in your tired feet, and with the perfect color (optional) you will definitely want to take out your favorite open-toed shoes or maybe just walk around barefoot.

the unique ingredients of the nagomi manicure and sakura pedicure, and their benefits

The products used in Shizuka NYC Nail Spa’s Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure are handmade and all-natural. Even the fragrant Yuzu Orange Massage Cream used in all Wazakura services is homemade!

Black Sesame Foot Scrub

Black Sesame seeds, while delicious on their own, prove to be highly effective exfoliating agents when ground and mixed with ingredients such as Rice Bran and even Olive Oil!

Exfoliating Hand Scrub

A blend of Rice Bran and Soy Powder mixed with soy milk and other ingredients gently exfoliates your hands. The ingredients naturally moisturize and lighten the skin.

Sake-Kasu Skin Care Pack for Hands and Feet 

Sake-Kasu, a byproduct of the famed Japanese rice wine, has powerful effects for moisturizing and brightening the skin while relieving perspiration. Combined with Vitamin E, it gently nourishes the skin of the hands and feet.

Yuzu Orange Massage Cream

Divinely scented with essential oils of the Yuzu Orange, this massage cream includes organic oils, Coco-Palm wax and Grapefruit Seed Extract, as a natural preservative. This delightful cream is the perfect ending to any Wazakura service.

classic nail menu

Shizuka NYC Nail Spa continues to offer a variety of services in our Classic Nail Menu. If you are in search of a quick cleaning, a color change, or an interesting nail design, this is the place to look! There is truly something for everyone.

Standard Manicure and Pedicure (60 minutes, $51)
The Standard Manicure and Pedicure at Shizuka New York Nail Salon include all the standard amenities of a manicure and pedicure, including nail and cuticle care, color or buffing, and hydration.

Classic Manicure and Pedicure (75 minutes, $70)
For those who appreciate the simple things in life, Shizuka NYC Day Spa offers the Classic Manicure and Pedicure. Of course, you will still get detailed nail and cuticle care and the color of your choice applied expertly. These services can also be taken separately (Manicure $25, Pedicure $45) and the Classic Manicure can be performed during any facial or eyelash perm.

Color Change (15 minutes) $10

For those who crave variety, come in for a quick color change. With over 50 colors to choose from, you’ll surely find one that you like. After all, variety is the spice of life.

French Tips (15 minutes) $10

For those who value elegance, French Tips on the hands and feet provide a simply beautiful finish to your nail treatment.

Japanese Nail Art (prices and timings vary)

For those who are not satisfied with anything ordinary, add beautiful polish and jewel designs onto your colored nails. Ask your nailist for more details!

at-home care

Shizuka NYC Day Spa offers a variety of nail care products that will keep your hands and feet feeling soft and looking beautiful. Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment ($21) is an intense non-greasy lotion packed with vitamins and antioxidants. For those with severely dry hands, try Qtica’s Overnight Intense Hand Repair Balm ($16). For rough feet, try Dermalogica’sExfoliating Body Scrub ($28), a mixture of pulverized seeds, rice bran, enzymes and essential oils that is good for any area of rough skin on your body. Nail care and coloring products are also available. Ask your nail technician for more details!

gift certificates and packages

The Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure is the perfect gift for a spouse, friend, or loved one. It is also included in many SHIZUKA new york day spa packages, including the Renew-U Spa Package ($300, 4 hours)** and the Hanayome Bridal Spa Package ($300, 4 hours)***. Gift certificates are available for all services and packages
by phone at 212.644.7400 or in the spa.

**also includes Micro Facial and a Body Wrap of your choice
***also includes Micro Facial and Back Treatment

monthly specials

As a gift to our Newsletter readers, enjoy a 10% discount on services every Monday in April. This includes facials, laser hair removal, massage, and nails. This offer may not be used for eyelash perms, packages, or in combination with any other coupon or promotional offer.

Manicure NYC coupon

ordering products and services

To order products or to schedule services, please call 212.644.7400 or emailcontact@shizukany.com/development. Select products can also be ordered over the internet athttps://shizukany.com/cart/index.html.

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