VOL. 41, SEP 2007 : Skin Care 101: Treating Enlarged Pores with Spa Facials, and Botox Cosmetic in NYC

Shizuka New York Day Spa in New York City- Skin Care 101

Fall is traditionally a season of new beginnings.  This fall, Shizuka invites you to join her inaugural “Skin Care 101” skin care treatment class.  Over the next year, we will cover a variety of topics including at-home skin care remedies, caring for dry skin, demystifying hair removal, preventing photoaging and many more.  Our first lesson, however, is about treating pores enlarged from the summer sun and sunscreen use.

Skin Care 101: Enlarged Pores
BOTOX® Pore Reduction Therapy
Fall Promotions

Skin Care 101: Enlarged Pores

For those of you who have been diligently using sunscreen this summer, there is good news and not-so-good news for you.  The good news is that you have taken an important step to protect your skin from aging, sun damage, and skin cancer.  The not-so-good news is that you may be experiencing congested skin and enlarged pores as a result.  Why does this happen?

Your skin is full of tiny openings.  The body uses these openings for many purposes, including the growing of hair and the releasing of substances such as sweat and sebum.  Most of us already know that sweat is an important tool for the body to regulate its temperature in hot environments.  Sebum is also used as a regulator, helping to lock moisture into the skin and hair.  Without it, our skin and hair would be incredibly dry and brittle.  The sebaceous glands control how much sebum is being produced; in drier skin types, there is less sebum produced than in oilier skin types.  An excess of sebum production by the sebaceous glands can lead to acne and breakouts.

There are many factors that contribute to the appearance of enlarged pores including:

  • Fun Fact: You may remember Harry Potter's ear wax flavored jelly beans and Shrek's ear wax candle, but did you know that ear wax is partially composed of sebum?Genetics.  Those whose skin naturally produces more sebum (oilier skin types) are more likely to have larger pore sizes.
  • Dead skin cells.  If not cleansed and exfoliated properly, dead skin cells and other debris can collect around the edges of pores, exaggerating their size and forming blackheads that clog and stretch the pores
  • Oily sunscreens and makeup products.  Oily facial products can lead to greater congestion in the skin.  Try to find oil-free (non-comedogenic) products if possible, and remember to wash off any residue each night before you sleep.

Skin Care Treatment for Enlarged Pores

SHIZUKA new york Day Spa in New York City offers the following facials to treat pores enlarged from summer weather and sunscreen use.

GentleWaves with Extraction
40 min

SHIZUKA NY’s GentleWavesâ„¢ light emitting diode (LED) treatment stimulates collagen formation in the skin and shrinks pore size.  Extraction clears clogged pores and excess debris to create a more refined skin texture.

Signature Micro Facial
80 min

For those truly in need of deep cleansing treatment, Shizuka’s Signature Micro Facial includes exfoliation, a thorough pore cleansing, and a collagen mask.  Facial massage increases circulation while massage of the hands, feet and shoulders decrease stress.

BOTOX® Pore Reduction Therapy
Please call 212.644.7400 for pricing

Dr. Silich, one of a select handful of physicians in the world performing Intradermal Botox, now offers this cutting-edge treatment exclusively at the SHIZUKA new york Day Spa.  Intradermal Botox represents the latest technique for pore reduction, targeting the very muscles that control pore size, the erector pili muscles.

Botox Pore Reduction in New York CityIf you have ever felt your hair stand on end or had goosebumps on a chilly day, you have experienced the effects of the erector pili muscles.  When these muscles are treated with Botox, pore size decreases and sweat and oil production are reduced, resulting in a more even finish to the skin.  Pore reduction also tightens the skin, reducing its surface area and creating a lift effect.  In addition, fine lines in areas once thought to be off limits for Botox (below the eyes) can now be injected and soften over several weeks. Read more about reducing the pores with Botox Cosmetic here.

To heighten the effects of this unique treatment, Dr. Silich recommends having a Signature Anti Aging Treatment directly before seeing him.  As a special promotion, SHIZUKA new york Spa and Dr. Silich offer the following package.


Pore Shrinking Package
2 hours
Please call 212.644.7400 for pricing

The Signature Anti Aging Treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light to dramatically reduce signs of aging including sun damage (hyperpigmentation) and the redness of broken capillaries and rosacea while stimulating collagen formation.  Followed by Dr. Silich ‘s Botox Pore Reduction Therapy and a complimentary GentleWavesâ„¢session, this package can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin.

Fall Promotions

After a great response from you, our clients, we are continuing the Daily Special promotion into the fall.  Here are our new promotions on skin care treatment at Shizuka Day Spa in New York City valid through October 31st, 2007.  As always, these may not be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers.

Tranquil Tuesdays

Add tranquility to your week with 10 minutes of Reflexology, complimentary with any pedicure.

Waxing Wednesdays

Add an Eyebrow Wax for $20 (reg. $45), or an Upper Lip Wax for $15 (reg. $30), to any facial treatment.

Twinkle-Toe Thursdays

Complimentary Swarovski crystal application on any pedicure.  This is a great opportunity to try a hot new look.  For more information, visit shizukany.com/sz-nail.htm#specialty_pedicure.

Fashionable Fridays

Get ready for the weekend in style!  Add a complimentary polish change (hands) to any Eyelash Perm as your perm solution sets, or combine the Eyelash Perm with a Classic Manicure for $95 before 4pm, and $105 after 4pm.  Choose from our beautiful selection of CHANEL, Essie, and OPI nail lacquers.

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