VOL 50, JAN 2009 : New Year, New You: Spa Discounts and Packages

Shizuka NY Day Spa Newsletter Vol 50: January 2009Spa Specials and packagesNew Botox Pricing

New Year, New You

Celebrate the New Year and turn over a leaf to reveal a new you.  Receive a 15% discount on all treatments* when you have more than one treatment through February 28, 2009.  Take advantage of the following New Year packages also available through 02.28.09.

Beautiful You Package (1.5 hours, $91)

Let your outer and inner beauty shine with a Japanese Eyelash Perm** and a Standard Manicure.

Radiant You Package (1.5 hours, $105)

After a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session and an AromaScape Massage, radiance is sure to follow.  The warm aromas and heated hot stones of AromaScape massage are perfect for the winter months.

New You Package (2 hours, $182)

Renew yourself in the New Year with the New You Package, including a 50-Minute Swedish Massage and a Classic Facial.  You will surely leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

*Treatments must be rendered within the same day.  May not be applied to spa packages or combined with any other coupons or promotions.

**Eyelash perm is not eligible for daytime discount.  Packages are valid through February 28, 2009 and may not be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers.

Shizuka and Dr. Silich have created a new pricing plan for Botox Cosmetic in an effort to clarify and simplify Botox treatment at Shizuka New York Day Spa.

Half Bottle of Botox $750
Full Bottle of Botox $1500

A half bottle of Botox Cosmetic typically covers the Glabella (1) and Crows Feet (3) or the forehead (2).  It can also be used for light treatment of all three areas.

A full bottle of Botox can be used for heavier treatment of all three areasor for neck lines/platysma (4).

Dr. Silich is also able to reduce sweat and oil production on the face (8) and under the arms with Botox, and increase fullness in the nasolabial folds (5), lips (7), and under the eyes (6) with Juvederm.  For more information on Dr. Silich’s medical cosmetic treatments at Shizuka New York Day Spa, please visit Medical.

Consultations with Dr. Silich are free.  To reserve a consultation appointment, please call 212.644.7400 or email [email protected]/development.