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AromaScape Massage at Shizuka New York Day Spa

Therapeutic tools of AromaScape Massage

AromaScape Massage: A Dreamscape for the Senses

NEW YORK, NY – Sense memory is a powerful thing.  A refrain of a song or teasing whiff of an elusive scent can take you back to a forgotten time or place.  At Manhattan’s Shizuka New York Day Spa (7 W 51st Street), AromaScape, a new sensorial therapeutic massage, may take you back – or it may just take you somewhere you’ve never been before.

Spa owner and skin care expert Shizuka Bernstein has become known for creating unique synergies between ancient Eastern holistics and modern Western dermatology, and the AromaScape Massage ($140 for 50 minutes; $200 for 75 minutes) is the latest extension of her philosophy.  Transcending the standard aromatherapy massage, AromaScape combines Western massage techniques with an Eastern aesthetic and pure essential oils to take clients on a sensory journey through an aromatic landscape.  The aromas and their order of introduction are thoughtfully designed to create a large-scale emotional arc by pacing their levels of pungency or lightness, and their abilities to either soothe or invigorate.  Available in three different experiences—Center, Glow and Inspire—each treatment delivers both the palpable physical benefits of massage and the emotional benefits of aromatherapy.

Over the course of an AromaScape massage at Shizuka New York Day Spa, three complementary aromas are progressively layered.  “Rather than simply adding a drop or two of a pretty-smelling oil or premade blend, we chose to use three distinct aromas that we deliver in gentle, but surprising, ways,” says New York City massage therapist Andrea Nieto, who collaborated with Ms. Bernstein in the creation of AromaScape.  “In a way, the scents lead you along a path, triggering different emotional responses that are enhanced by the rhythms of the massage.”

Each AromaScape massage provides a different qualitative experience.  Center encourages deep relaxation and reflection; Glow nurtures a tangible inner radiance by reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of well-being; Inspire dispels fatigue and negativity while restoring the spirit.  Throughout each treatment aromas waft through the senses in a variety of ways – they are lightly steamed beneath the face cradle and applied to heated basalt stones that are placed on the chest and in a corona around the head.  A singular finishing touch involves the gentle application of cool moonstones—the fitting end to a perfect journey.



The complex woodsy and earthy aromas of Center transport the subject deep into a calm forest, allowing the mind to relax, the thoughts to focus. Exotic fragrances, such as frankincense, impart relaxation and mental clarity while the massage stimulates fluctuations in brain waves linked to deep sleep.* Center evokes a Zen-like meditation, guiding along a path that leads to an inner sanctuary.


The gentle floral notes of Glow calm the emotions, relieving stress and anxiety, and imparting a sense of inner radiance. When a final burst of citrus shines through, it uplifts the spirits, refreshes the sensory palate, and makes life’s burdens just a little bit lighter. The stress hormone cortisol is significantly lowered during the course of a massage, and both mind and body benefit. Glow is pure elation.


The fresh, crisp scents of Inspire drive out negativity, inviting a more relaxed and optimistic outlook. Eucalyptus restores vitality while aiding deep breathing, oxygenating the body and reinvigorating the senses. Due to the stimulation of brain wave activity, even 15 minutes of massage can be directly linked to an increase in alertness and productivity. Inspire is perfect for those feeling “out of sorts” and fatigued as it restores positivity and renews emotional energy.

*According to the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami

Shizuka Bernstein and the Shizuka New York Day Spa have been featured in numerous media for the unique combination of Eastern holistic knowledge with Western dermatology.  Notably, Shizuka’s Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial has gained international notoriety through television and print in Europe, the U.K., South America and Asia, in addition to U.S. features that include CNN, CNBC, Fox News, ABC’s The View, CBS’s The Doctors, and E!’s Red Carpet Countdown the 2008 Emmy Awards.

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The Essential Oils of AromaScape

AromaScape Massage at Shizuka New York Day Spa utilizes high-quality, pure essential oils with organic massage oil to enhance the emotional experience of massage.

Eucalyptus globulus Eucalyptus, drawn from the leaves of the most-famous Australian tree, cools the emotions and clears the senses with its refreshing aroma.
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) Frankincense is an aromatic resin that has been used for millenia in perfumes and incense. Frankincense essential oil is used to slow the tempo of the breath, sooth anxiety and fatigue, elevate the mind, and promote mental rejuvenation.
Geranium essential oil, drawn from the leaves of the bushy perennial flower, is slighly rose-like in scent.  It is used in ancient Asian medicine to release anxiety and calm the nerves.
Juniper berries, also popular in cooking, are the source of a fresh, woody essential oil that is used to purge the mind of worries and promote optimism and self-confidence.
Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for its documented ability to reduce anxiety, calm stress and neutralize irritability.  The soothing aroma of lavender promotes emotional balance as it uplifts the spirits.
Lemon‘s bright aroma uplifts the emotions and stimulates consciousness.  It is light, refreshing and encouraging.
Orange essential oil brings ease and optimism to those who are overly stressed out.  Its warm scent conveys joy and positivity.
Pine‘s pungent and cleansing scent promotes deep breathing and calm renewal of self-image.