Botox Jaw Reduction NYC (Masseter Botox)

Botox Jaw Reduction from our NYC Medical Spa is a safe and convenient procedure that can give a softer angle to your jaw and an attractive oval shape to your face without resorting to surgical procedures such as jaw shaving.

Botox Jaw Reduction NYC (Masseter Botox) targets the masseter muscle to create a jawline that is less square, and more oval-shaped.

Botox Jaw Reduction works by targeting the masseter, the main muscle responsible for clenching the jaw and chewing. A strongly-developed masseter muscle typically results in a strong, square jawline. You can find out for yourself how developed your masseter is by biting down and feeling your outer jaw line by your ear. If the muscle you feel is hard and large, your masseter is well developed, and you probably have a square jaw line.

Since square jaw lines are usually considered a ‘masculine’ trait, NYC Botox Jaw Reduction procedures are particularly popular among our female clients who wish to gain a softer, oval-shaped facial contour.

Botox Jaw Reduction Facts

  • The timeframe for results with Botox Jaw Reduction is significantly longer than Botox for wrinkles.
  • Botox Jaw Reduction works by weakening the masseter muscle, causing it to shrink over time.
  • You should expect to see improvement 1-3 months following your NYC Botox Jaw Reduction treatment.
  • The shape of your jaw may also continue to improve 3-9 months following Botox Jaw Reduction treatment.
  • Results from NYC Botox Jaw Reduction typically last 6 months to one-and-a-half years.
  • Botox Jaw Reduction generally does not interfere with chewing food. However, there is sometimes a temporary tiring feeling after chewing that should go away.
  • Find more information about NYC Botox in our Botox FAQ.

NYC Botox Jaw Reduction Pricing

Botox Jaw Reduction in our NYC medical spa typically requires about one-half bottle of Botox. You can request Botox Jaw Reduction pricing by calling (212) 644-7400 for more information.

NYC Botox Jaw Reduction Consultations

If you still have questions regarding Botox Jaw Reduction NYC (Masseter Botox), please visit our Botox FAQ or schedule an in-person consultation with one of our doctors.

To schedule a Botox Jaw Reduction consultation and/or treatment, please request a consultation by calling (212) 644-7400. Our medical spa consultation fee is waived if you have Botox Jaw Reduction treatment on the same day.