NYC Botox FAQs

What is Botox?

Botox is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment approved by the FDA for moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people ages 18 to 65. NYC Botox treatment is a quick and effective way to look younger and more refreshed for up to 6 months.

Botox is a purified protein which reduces the activity of the muscles that cause those persistent frown lines. During our NYC Botox treatments, Botox Cosmetic is administered via a few tiny injections directly into the muscles that cause those stubborn lines.

What can Botox treat?

Botox is used for a variety of treatments including:

How long does NYC Botox treatment take?

NYC Botox treatment takes as little as 10 minutes. During this time, one of our experienced doctors will assess the current condition of your skin and make a few small injections in the areas to be treated.

When will I see results from Botox?*

Results from Botox treatment are not immediate, and usually become fully-evident 4-7 days following your NYC Botox treatment. Those using Botox to prepare for a special event such as a wedding or photoshoot should plan accordingly.

How long does Botox last?*

Results from Botox treatment are non-permanent, and generally last 4-6 months. After this time, your facial muscles will return to their original condition prior to treatment.

*The timeframe for results with Botox Jaw Reduction is significantly longer. Initial results are typically seen 1-3 months following the procedure. Results from NYC Botox Jaw Reduction can also last 6 months to one-and-a-half years.

Can I combine Botox with a Shizuka NY Facial?

Yes. We recommend having a facial treatment before Botox.

Does Botox hurt?

Discomfort from Botox treatment is usually minimal and brief. Prior to your NYC Botox treatment, an anesthetic cream is sometimes applied by Dr. Silich to the area to be treated.

Can I return to work or ‘go out’ after Botox treatment?

Yes. Although mild to moderate redness may occur at the site of your Botox injection, this usually resolves within a few hours and is easily covered with makeup. However, we do not recommend consuming alcohol immediately after your NYC Botox treatment.

Is Botox safe?

Yes, Botox is safe and approved by the FDA for women and men aged 18-65 of all skin types and ethnic backgrounds.

However, NYC Botox treatment is unadvisable in the following cases:

  • People with an infection where Botox will be injected
  • People with any diseases that affect the nerves and muscles
  • Women who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant soon
  • Women who are breastfeeding

How much does Botox cost?

Pricing for Botox in our NYC medical spa is determined per unit (100 units/bottle). This allows for added flexibility and customizing of Botox treatments to your individual needs, whether they be full treatment or a quick touch-up. Discounts are available for purchasing a half-bottle or full bottle which can allow for Botox treatment in multiple areas.

Request a NYC Botox price estimate by calling (212) 644-7400.

NYC Botox Consultations

To schedule a NYC Botox consultation and/or treatment, please request a consultation by calling (212) 644-7400. Our medical spa consultation fee is waived if you have Botox treatment on the same day.