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Signature Micro Facial

Our Signature Micro Facial features cleansing with my all-natural skin care products, exfoliation, pore extraction, facial massage, a collagen mask, hydration, light massage of the neck, shoulders hands and feet, and the application of moisturizing and anti-aging skin care products for the ultimate marriage of expert skin care and luxurious pampering.

80 min, $160


Geisha Facial®

As seen on the Today Show, The View, People Magazine, and more, our Geisha Facial® revives the ancient Japanese tradition of cleansing and brightening the skin with nightingale droppings! This facial includes cleansing with my all-natural products, exfoliation with our exclusive nightingale droppings mask, pore extraction, facial massage with oil from the Japanese camellia blossom (a relative of green tea), a green tea collagen mask, and the application of hydrating and anti-aging products.

60 min, $180


Enhance These Facials With…

  • GentleWaves® LED Facial Rejuvenation | $65
    GentleWaves uses a panel of specially-coded L.E.D. lights to stimulate collagen formation and cellular renewal in the skin in a procedure that adds less than 5 minutes to your facial treatment.
  • Décolleté Facial | $75
    Add cleansing, exfoliation, and pore extraction of the décolleté (chest) area before you put on that strapless dress.


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