Shizuka New York Day Spa 2017 Press Coverage

ipsy visited SHIZUKA new york from LA to try the Geisha Facial!

ipsy Amber during Geisha Facial

SHIZUKA new york named as one of the Best Japanese Skincare Site in NYC on City Guide NY!

SHIZUKA new york Best Japanese Skincare Sites in NYC L

“Eyelash perms are the new lash extensions” SHIZUKA new york on NEW YORK POST!

NY POST Eyelash Perm SHIZUKA new york Day Spa

Amber and Sophia from ipsy flew from LA to NYC to try a facial with all natural ingredients, the Geisha Facial! More>> We are honored to be named as one of the Best Japanese Skincare Site in NYC by City Guide NY! More>> NEW YORK POST’s beauty article introduces SHIZUKA new york’s Eyelash Perm! More>>

The Geisha Facial on Beauty Trippin’


Clevver style Beauty Trippin' Geisha Facial Lily

50 minutes inside Celebrity’s Beauty Secrets


50'inside Celebrity's Beauty Secrets SHIZUKA new york

Chopsticks NY shares Shizuka’s homemade lip mask recipe

Lily Marston and Joslyn Davis from clevver style Beauty Trippin’ visited SHIZUKA new york to try the Geisha Facial®! More>> French TV channel “50 minutes inside” explores the traditional beauty treatments loved by celebrities, and the Geisha Facial® was selected as one of the treatments! More>> Lucie Fink from “Try Living With Lucie” asks Refinery29‘s beauty editor, Maria Del Russo, for 5 bizarre beauty treatments to try. More>>

SHIZUKA new york on Cosmo Times “Beauty Trends Like You’ve Never Seen Before”

SHIZUKA new york on Cosmo Times

Exclusive celebrity spa

10 exclusive celebrity spas Silverkris Singapore Airlines Travel Guide

Shizuka shared tips for beautiful lips for NY Japion

NY Japion Tips for Beautyful Lips

Christie Clemens from SinoVision English Channel “Cosmo Times” visits SHIZUKA new york to try an innovative beauty treatment, the Geisha Facial! More>> SHIZUKA new york Day Spa is listed in Silverkris Singapore Airlines Travel Guide’s list,”10 exclusive celebrity health retreats and spas” ! More>> NY Japion, weekly paper in New York, features owner Shizuka Bernstein in their March 17th, 2017 issue. In this article, Shizuka offers tips for beautiful lips. More>>


Beauty with Mi tries Geisha Facial for Clear Skin

Beauty with Mi Geisha Facial Sonya Esman


Beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan and her friend Sonya Esman tried the Geisha Facial! More>>

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