Vol. 114: Recent Press


Shizuka New York Newsletter/Shizuka New York Japanese
Volume 114 JULY 2012

Recent Press
Hi Shizuka NY Insiders!We just wanted to share with you all the recent press we’ve been receiving about our Geisha “bird poop” Facial. This luxurious treatment may sound off-putting at first but is actually built upon a time-honored beauty regimen dating back over a century. Our skilled estheticians help make your experience a relaxing one leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and literally glowing!

Check out our recent press:

[print]The New York Times (7/5/12) Thursday’s Fashion & Style Section: “Fertilizer for the face?”

Brazil TV’s “Domingo Espetacular” (7/1/12): “Conheça o tratamento com cocô de pássaros feito por Tom Cruise para eliminar rugas” or “Learn about the bird poop treatment used by Tom Cruise to eliminate wrinkles”

[print]The Huffington Post (6/28/12): “Tom Cruise Bird Poop Facial: Actor Reportedly Gets The ‘Geisha’ Beauty Treatment”


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