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Skin Care Advice on MTV’s Girl Code

Shizuka new york Day Spa offers Skin Care Advice for Young Women on MTV’s Girl Code

The Real Housewives of NJ and The Geisha Facial®

The Real Housewives of New Jersey try Shizuka NY's The Geisha Facial

Tom Cruise Loves The Geisha Facial®

Tom Cruise is a new fan of Shizuka NY Day Spa's Geisha "bird poop" facial

Shizuka new york Day Spa owner Shizuka Bernstein offers skin care advice for young women while applying The Geisha Facial® on MTV’s hit show: Girl Code. More about Skin Care Advice on MTV’s Girl Code >>
On a recent visit to SHIZUKA new york Day Spa, spa owner Shizuka Bernstein treated three cast members of The Real Housewives of NJ to a sampling of The Geisha Facial®. Their reactions are priceless! More about The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Bird Poop Facial >>
A recent article in the The Huffington Post names Tom Cruise a new fan of our Geisha “bird poop” facial which has gained international notoriety for reviving the ancient Japanese
tradition of cleansing the skin with powdered nightingale droppings. More about the Bird Poop Facial >>

Victoria & David Beckham The Geisha Facial®

Victoria and David Beckham are the latest duo to sign onto Shizuka's "bird droppings" Geisha Facial®

Anderson Cooper Features The Geisha Facial®

Shizuka The Geisha Facial was featured New Year’s Day on Anderson Cooper’s Anderson Live!

HuffPo Talks Geisha Facial® & Anderson Cooper

The Huffington Post

Victoria and David Beckham
are the latest duo said to have joined in on some bizarre beauty treatments. “Posh Spice” Beckham, who has long had a problem with keeping a clear complexion, is now reportedly raving about the Geisha facialMore
about bird droppings & Posh Spice and David Beckham’s good
looks? >>
Shizuka’s The Geisha Facial® was featured New Year’s Day on Anderson Cooper’s talk show: Anderson Live! This facial was created by Shizuka to not only promote collagen production, but also to brighten complexion and offer deep cleansing and
moisturizing using only chemical-free ingredients. More about the Shizuka’s The Geisha Facial® >>
The Huffington Post and caught wind of Anderson Cooper’s segment about The Geisha Facial® on his talk show, Anderson Live!; and here’s what they said: “The foul (no pun intended) puffy eye cream is actually known as The Geisha Facial. More

Cosmo Reviews The Geisha Facial®

People:The Geisha Facial® Is A Celebrity Must-Have!

The one-page spread in People highlights three $50 Shizuka NY Spa Week treatments from New York, Los Angeles and Dallas that are favorite celebrity spa treatments

The Geisha Facial® on CNBC’s The Big Idea‘s
associate web editor reviews The Geisha Facial ®. More >>
People Magazine
features Shizuka New York Day Spa’s Geisha Facial® as a celebrity must-have during Spa Week. More >>
The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch talks with Shizuka Bernstein about coming to America and her signature day spa product, the The Geisha Facial®. More >>

Recent Press (2015)


Cultural Differences in Pubic Hair Removal

Cultural Differences in Pubic Hair Removal

Toyama Barber and Beauty School visits Shizuka New York

Toyama Barber and Beauty School visits Shizuka New York

World-renowned Facial at Shizuka New York

Shizuka Bernstein of Shizuka New York Day Spa in Manhattan, was quoted in a Japanese article regarding cultural differences on views about pubic hair between American and Japanese people. More >> On September 30th, 2015 students from the Toyama Barber and Beauty School in Japan traveled to Shizuka Bernstein’s Manhattan spa to hear her speak about the beauty industry in the United States. More >> News of The Geisha Facial® continues to spread the world over. Shizuka’s The Geisha Facial® made it on The Times of India’s top 5 unusual beauty trends. More >>

Scents of a Geisha: A Natural Way to Heal the Skin


Innovative Spa Treatments that Deliver Glowing Skin

Innovative Spa Treatment TODAY show

CBS News reveals The Geisha Facial as an Effective Beauty Treatment

ms shizuka performs facial

Medical Daily visited Shizuka New York Day Spa this month to get the inside scoop on The Geisha Facial® and to experience a natural way to heal the skin. More >> The Geisha Facial was highlighted in a recent article on about popular and innovative spa treatments that deliver glowing skin. More >> An interview with Shizuka Bernstein and one of our clients aired on September 8th, 2015 on a CBS news segment titled: Ugly Beauty. More >>

Affordable Celebrity Beauty Treatments


Best of Manhattan Day Spa 2015


Shizuka New York was selected as a ‘Best of New York Spa’

Best of NY logo

Here’s the scoop on the latest celebrity beauty scene from OK! Magazine and Hollywire press. More >> This year the Manhattan Award Program awarded Shizuka New York Day Spa with the Best of Manhattan Day Spa 2015 award. More >> We’re thrilled to share that Shizuka New York Day Spa was selected as a ‘Best of New York Spa’ by Insider’s Guide to Spas! More >>

Mark Farrell Interviews Skin Care Guru Shizuka Bernstein on Award Winning 101.9 RXP


Shizuka New York’s Men’s Spa Named One of the City’s Best


The Atlanta Journal Constitution: Shizuka New York an Unforgettable Gift for Mom


Mark Farrell interviews Shizuka Bernstein about her work as a master aesthetician and a recent New York Magazine write-up of her… More >> New York News named Shizuka New York’s Men’s Spa one of the best in the city! More >> Atlanta Journal Constitution Lists ShizukaNY Day Spa as an Unforgettable Gift for Mom. More >>

Shizuka New York in American Spa Magazine


Shizuka New York Day Spa in Marie Claire


The Geisha Facial Featured in The Hindustan Times


Shizuka New York Day Spa is mentioned in American Spa Magazine’s May 2015 issue! More >> Marie Claire listed The Geisha Facial as number one beauty treatments you never knew existed. More >> A recent article in The Hindustan Times mentions our Geisha Facial in an article about celebrity beauty secrets. More >>

The Geisha Facial in The Times of India


Shizuka NY Day Spa featured on TruTV’s show


E! Geisha Facial Red Carpet Celebrity Beauty Secret


The Geisha Facial and Celebrity beauty secrets from The Times of India. More >> Shizuka NY featured on TruTV’s show: Top 20 Funniest TV Blunders! More >> E! Entertainment News reveals Red Carpet Celebrity Beauty Secrets at SHIZUKA new york Day Spa. More >>

A 2015 Hot Spot! in Avianca em Revista Magazine

Infrared Sauna Service featured in Giada Weekly


Metro News Promotes The Geisha Glow


SHIZUKA new york Day Spa’s The Geisha Facial® was featured in the February Issue of Avianca em Revista Magazine, a magazine for Brazil’s Avianca airlines. More >> Shizuka new york Day Spa’s NYC Far Infrared Sauna treatment was mentioned in Giada Weekly’s Winter Wellness issue! More >> The Geisha Facial® is in Metro News! More >>

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