Winter Detox Cleanse Treatments to Warm Your Body and Soul

Warming Winter Spa Treatments

















Need a little recovery time from holiday eating and drinking? Spa treatments designed to warm you up and give you a winter detox cleanse may be just what you and your skin craves post-holidays.

Holiday treats like sugar cookies, heaping cups of hot cocoa, and cocktails combined with late nights can actually dry out your skin leaving it fatigued and craving some serious recovery time. Make haste and rest easy knowing these relaxing –and warming–full body detox spa treatments not only relieve you of that  winter chill, but also revive and rejuvenate lackluster skin giving you back your healthy glow.



Far Infrared Sauna – Bask in the warmth of a Far Infrared Sauna while your body heats up from the inside out. Meditate, read a magazine, or just imagine yourself reaping the benefits of hot yoga without the yoga.


Coffee Break Mud Wrap – Let the earthy & energizing aromas of black silt clay and coffee arabica awaken your senses as you cozy up in a heated body wrap that exfoliates while drawing out impurities.


Hot Stone Massage – Stones are heated up and rubbed along the body to melt away any and all tension. Combine a Hot Stone Massage with an Infrared Sauna session and a Coffee Break Mud Wrap for the ultimate NYC winter spa treatment package.


AromaScape Massage – Healing essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Juniper berries, Geranium,  and Lavender are used together with warmed stones to take your body and mind on a relaxing journey through the senses.







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Last minute Ideas from myCULTURE Magazine’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

myCULTURE Magazine features Shizuka new york’s Men’s Spa in their 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Our Men’s Spa offers relaxing and customizable services for facials, massages, body treatments, and more.







 For Father’s Day, give the gift of total relaxation with a Men’s facial at Shizuka. It’s an indulgence they might not think to treat themselves to, but totally worth it. Shizuka delivers excellent men’s facials and massages.

Price: $105-$115, pending on service

Visit Shizuka: 7 W. 51st St., 6th Floor New York, NY 10019. (212) 644-7400

“Owner and master-aesthetician, Shizuka Bernstein was born in Tokyo. A former dance instructor, Shizuka discovered her passion for skin care after emigrating from Japan to the United States and marrying prominent Manhattan dermatologist and hair restoration specialist, Dr. Robert Bernstein. Shizuka Bernstein is in high demand as a master facialist and skin care expert. Her artful technique has been singled out by many publications including New York Magazine which has featured her as a “Skin Care Guru.”



Check out our current Spa Deals here>>


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SNY Mother’s Day Spa Guide

We have a wide variety of treatments and gifts sure to please every type of mom this Mother’s Day. Check out the following Mother’s Day Spa Guide to find out which treatments and gifts are the best fit for your Mom!



Executive Mom:

The executive mom is usually always busy with work. When she’s not cooking dinner or going to soccer practice, she’s glued to her Smartphone to keep in touch with the office. She’s perpetually busy but loves it when she’s finally able to RELAX, even if it’s just for a couple hours.

Treatment suggestions: Coffee break Mud Wrap, 80min Shiatsu/ Swedish Massage

Our Coffee Break Mud Wrap combines soothing heat therapy with refreshing exfoliation and detoxification. Our “Mud” mixture will reinvigorate the senses with sweet earthy aromas of Arabica Coffee, honey, and bergamot, among others. Combine this with an 80min Shiatsu or Swedish massage and Mom will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to go!

Gift suggestion: Espresso Mud Body ScrubSicilian Bergamot Body Lotion, Plant Stem Cell Serum


On The Go Mom:

On The Go Mom is usually busy as a bee, with a daily mile long to-do list. She loves getting things done, and try as she might, finding time for herself just isn’t a top priority most of the time.

Treatment suggestions: The Geisha Facial® , GentleWaves® LED Facial Rejuvenation, Collagen Mask add on

Since On The Go Mom is likely hopping cabs, catching trains and walking, er running, through the busy city streets, her skin is also susceptible to innumerable free radicals (airborne impurities) in the air. Over time this can age the skin, so we suggest treatments such as The Geisha Facial ®, Gentle Waves treatment, or even adding on a collagen mask to any of our facials to stimulate collagen production, encourage cellular renewal and shrink pores.





Lady of the Manor Mom:

Lady of the Manor Mom usually, quite literally, has her hands full engineering ways to keep the home and family in tip top shape. She’s always coming up with new and better ways to improve productivity and time management. She’s super practical and doesn’t usually have time for some much needed pampering and relaxation.

Treatment suggestions: Signature Micro Facial, EYELASH PERM, Sugar Scrub Manicure + Bamboo Scrub Pedicure

Our Signature Micro Facial is our most popular facial with the most pampering. This facial combines deep cleansing with face, scalp, hand and shoulder massage, as well as reflexology treatment (foot massage). Combine this facial with an Eyelash Perm and nails, and Mom will feel like a Queen!

Gift suggestions: SHIZUKA NY MOISTURIZER, Lavender Honey Balancing Mist, ON THE CUFF


Health-conscious Mom:

The health-conscious Mom loves to feed herself with all-natural foods and products like fresh juices, whole-grain breads, organic vegetables, and prefers using paraben-free facial washes and soaps. She wants to stay as healthy as possible, especially in a big (dirty) city like NYC.

Treatment suggestions: The Natural Face Lift Facial, Nagomi Manicure + Sakura Pedicure, Far Infrared Sauna

The Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure are SNY’s signature nail treatments using only natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals and additives that are mixed right in front of you. Ingredients include fresh lemon, olive oil, soy, rice, and sake to exfoliate, hydrate and protect the skin and nails. Combine this with the Far Infrared Sauna and The Natural Face Lift Facial which uses Naturopathica’s high-performance, all natural and paraben-free products. These treatments will leave Mom feeling well-balanced and glowing!




Loves to Spa Mom:

The Loves to Spa Mom, well, she loves to spa! She finds comfort and peace in all things pampering.

Treatment suggestion: DAY OF BEAUTY

Check out our current spa deals for BIG SAVINGS on our signature spa treatments and services!




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Retinol for Timeless Skin

A recent article in Vogue Daily, “The Return to Retinol” by Cristina Mueller, highlights the time-honored and celebrated anti-aging qualities of retinol. Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is a compound discovered 81 years ago. Because of its ability to “penetrate all the layers of the skin, prompting extra-speedy cell turnover and exfoliation in the process”, retinol has been used to treat skin conditions from acne to reduction in fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

“Retinoids trigger change in the skin to make it look clearer and more youthful; they actually help skin get back to a healthier place. And there’s strong, strong clinical data behind that,” says Jennifer Linder, M.D., dermatologist and chief scientific officer for a clinical skin care line.


We agree that retinol can do wonders for the skin! Our Shizuka NY Anti-Aging Night Repair 1 product contains retinol which actively evens skin tone and texture, while it also gently reduces fine lines and wrinkles (all while you sleep)! We suggest using this product in conjunction with Anti-Aging Night Repair 2 and Weekly Brightening Pads for maximum results.




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Melt Away the Cold with Paraffin Wax

Skin conditioning during the cold winter months can be an ongoing task, so we like to encourage our clients to try different treatments to find out which works best.

A Paraffin Wax treatment for your hands and feet is an inexpensive, speedy, yet luxurious way to warm and hydrate your skin while relaxing stiff muscles and joints. The wax contains paraffin oil making it softer than, for example, wax used for hair removal. Because it’s softer, the wax melts at lower temperatures, so it won’t burn or blister your skin. Add a Paraffin Wax treatment to your favorite manicure or pedicure or get it on its own for a quick and soothing treatment for your hard-working extremities!


Here’s what our Paraffin Wax treatment entails:

  • First our estheticians lightly massage your hands or feet using SpaRitual Organic Moisturizing lotion, with Geranium essential oil.
  • Then you will submerge your hands or feet into melted paraffin wax until your skin is generously coated (for feet, the process is slightly different to ensure that hands and feet aren’t dipped into the same wax).
  • Your hands or feet are then covered with plastic and then slid into terry cloth mitts to keep the wax warm.
  • After about 5 minutes, the process is complete and the wax is removed all at once.

Your skin will feel deeply moisturized and softened without being oily or greasy.


Paraffin Wax treatment by itself:
hands: $15
feet: $20
Or with your choice of manicure or pedicure:
+ $10
+ $15



See our Nail Spa menu for manicure and pedicure choices >>

Request a Paraffin Wax treatment online in the Additional Requests section >>


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4 Hours of Spa Bliss for $250

This March, we at Shizuka New York Day Spa are pleased to offer one of our most popular spa packages at an even better deal than normal.

The Total Body Spa Package, valued at $285, is available for $250 March 1-31, 2011.

Including a detoxifying Infrared Sauna session, a 50-Minute Swedish Massage, Classic Facial, Classic Manicure & Pedicure, this spa package is the perfect break from your hectic life.

Use our convenient online appointment request form (use the Promo Code “Spring Forward”) and you will soon be on your way to 4 hours of relaxation and rejuvenation!


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