Style Watch: Nail Bling


If you liked it then you should’a put some bling on it. Nail bling is a hot celebrity fashion trend because of it’s immediate wow factor. By celebrity logic, why have one or two jewels on your hands when you can have a hundred shimmering crystals? Witness Katy Perry (above) at the VMA’s.

Other fans of nail bling include Serena Williams, Pink, and even Sasha Fierce herself who sported this nail ring from Bijules NYC in the “Sweet Dreams” video. Priced at $4500, Jay Z really must “like it.”


Understandably, these looks may be a little over the top for the everyday woman. However, we recommend our Crystal Classic Manicure ($45, 40 min) that adds just a few sparkling Swarovski crystals to two fingers of your choice for a much subtler look that can still give you that celebrity vice you’ve been craving.

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