Happy National Iced Tea Month!

Happy National Iced Tea Month!

Did you know that June is National Iced Tea Month?

It’s the perfect time to try a variety of refreshing tea beverages to cool down as the days start to heat up. Because so many people are big on green tea these days, we came up with some tasty and refreshing ways to enjoy the antioxidant-rich tea this summer!

>> Add any of these extra ingredients to your brew for a little summertime variety: fresh ginger, mint, peaches, berries, lemon, lime, blood orange, and honey.

>> You can even infuse it with an herb, like thyme, for more complex flavors.

>> Or make it sparkle by adding some seltzer and a splash of pomegranate juice.

>> Want less water and more substance? Add green tea to your favorite smoothie!

The options seem endless. What are some ways you enjoy your tea in the summer?