World-renowned Facial at Shizuka New York

World renowned facial at shizuka new york

Photo from The Times of India

World-renowned Facial at Shizuka New York

News of The Geisha Facial continues to spread the world over. Shizuka’s The Geisha Facial made it on The Times of India’s top 5 of the world’s most bizarre beauty trends; a list that also includes a vampire facelift and snake massage!

Bird Poop Facial – The very thought of it is disgusting but bird poop facials have taken Japan by a storm. Also called Shizuka’s Geisha Facial, the facials use traditional Japanese ingredients to soften the skin and the secret ingredient is none other than faeces of Japanese Nightingale bird.

Shizuka Bernstein, the creator of The Geisha Facial and owner and lead esthetician at Shizuka New York Day Spa, created the facial eight years ago after learning about the natural beautifying properties of nightingale droppings from her mother. While the world-renowned facial at Shizuka New York continues to delight people throughout the world, delighted clients at the spa continue to benefit from this celebrity facial.