Shizuka New York’s Eyelash Treatments Highlighted in New You Magazine

New You Magazine

Shizuka New York’s Eyelash Treatments Highlighted in New You Magazine

Shizuka Bernstein and her husband Dr. Robert Bernstein were both recently mentioned and quoted in the article, “A Vision of Youthful Loveliness”, in the Spring edition of New You Magazine. The article discusses how to achieve a more youthful and ‘eye-opening’ look by paying attention to the eyes, brows, and lashes. With the right grooming, the eyes can shave years off of your appearance, even if you’ve been over plucking your brows for years. In this article, you’ll find tips for creating a bold brow and opening up the eye with eyelash perming, extensions, and tinting.

Tips include:

– Go with your natural brow structure to get just the right arch for your face and eyes.

– It’s a two-step process to fill in brows: create definition AND fullness.

– When brow grooming – abstain from waxing or plucking as these methods tend to cause the skin to droop over time.

Dr. Bernstein recommends hair transplantation for those with more severe cases.

“First they have to be trimmed, but eventually they mimic the growth pattern of eyebrows.”

Dr. Olivia Hutchinson, our resident MediSpa doctor is also quoted in the article. Click here for more information about Latisse prescriptions with Dr. Hutchinson.

New You Magazine Spring 2016

“Lash perming, which was started in New York by Shizuka Bernstein, who has a spa in Rockefeller Center, adds a flirtatious curl that lasts a month. If you have lighter lashes, tinting and then perming will allow you to skip mascara in your daily routine, and save it for nights out.”

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