Tips from beauty experts for fuller eye lashes

Tips from beauty experts for fuller eye lashes


Eyes are one of the big part of your impression.

When we talk with someone, we tend to look at someone’s eyes. Shape of our eyes are all different, and it makes it unique about one. Since we’re looking at it for a long time, it tend to remain as one’s impression.

Here are tips from SHIZUKA new york’s beauty experts for fuller eye lashes!


Take off makeup before bed

 Tips from beauty experts for fuller eye lashes

Taking off your make up before bed is one of the most important thing to protect your eyes and to keep your eyelashes healthy. It could prevent eye irritation, eye infection, damaging eyelashes, and also bloodshot eyes. It’s better for your skin as well.


Keep your mascara clean

  1. Change your mascara every 3 to 5 months. Liquid or creamy makeup can harbor bacteria more easily, and mascara is considered as one. Replacing your mascara every 3 to 5 months can help to keep your mascara clean. If its’ dried or if it start to have a strange smell, stop using and get a new one.
  2. Don’t share. Sharing mascara with friends can transfer bacteria and cause eye infection.
  3. Don’t pump the mascara wand. It makes it dry out easily.


The most common injury related to cosmetics

Scratching eyes with a mascara wand is the most common injury related to cosmetics. It can lead to an eye infection, eyelash loss, or even blindness. Sometimes you might see someone applying mascara on a train or a car when it’s moving. Maybe she is busy, but this is dangerous.

Try to apply mascara in a relaxing environment in front of a mirror. This way it’s safe, and your eye lashes will look nicer, fuller, and will stay healthier this way.


Tips for Fuller Lashes

shizuka new york eyelash extensions

An eyelash extension is a synthetic eyelash that is attached to your natural lash using a specialized adhesive. Eyelash Extensions at SHIZUKA new york will add drama to lashes that are thin and light-colored without the need for mascara. Eyelash extensions also carry a slight curl which adds a natural-looking openness to your eyes.


Eyelash Extensions

Full Look: total 120-160 lashes $200

Natural Look: total 100 lashes $130


Tips for Curly Lashes

SHIZUKA new york Day Spa’s eyelash perm is proven to create a lasting curl in the most gentle way possible. Eyelash perm technique at our spa is authentically Japanese, imported from one of Tokyo’s hottest eyelash perm salons.

Eyelash Perm  $80

Monday – Friday before 4pm* $70

*Check in by 3:30pm, holidays will be regular price


Moisturize your eye lashes

Just like you condition your hair, it’s important to condition your eye lashes as well.



Eyelash Gel is perfect to condition your lashes.  It’ll strengthen weak, too short, or too thin lashes.

This Eyelash Strengthening Gel is recommended after Eyelash Perm treatment.



Revitalash will help you achieve the beautiful look of longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes. A very small amount of RevitaLash® is applied once a day for maximum results.


Both are available at our spa and our online store.