Vol. 63: Travel Well With Your Skin

Travel Well With Your Skin

Holiday travels are often hectic and stressful with long lines, crowded airports, and overbooked airplanes. The last thing you need when travelling is for your skin to start acting up.  Take some of the worry out of your travels this holiday season with these tips from Shizuka.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Arid airplane cabins, gallons of coffee, cocktails, and salty in-flight treats are all going to dry you and your skin out. Be prepared by bringing some bottled water along in your carry-on and follow up your caffeinated and alcoholic beverages with some good old H20. Remember to moisturize your skin on the morning of your departure day and reapply as needed.

ShizukaNY's TheraMoist Oil Free Clarifying Moisturizer and Naturopathica's Beech Tree and Ginseng Daily Moisturizer Shizuka NY‘s TheraMoist Oil-Free Clarifying Moisturizer ($25.00, 1 oz, add to cart) provides excellent hydration for oily and combination skin types without clogging pores or creating excessive shine.Naturopathica‘s Beech Tree and Ginseng Daily Moisture Treatment ($58.00, 2 oz, add to cart) works well on normal to dry skin, providing moisture and the soothing aromas of linden blossom and Jasmine

Consider Travelling Au Naturale

While travelling with your body in the buff might raise some eyebrows and probably get you arrested, your face is a different story. Hours of schlepping around terminals and sitting in confined spaces may not work for your skin with a half-inch of makeup caked on. Instead, try an application of moisturizer and some lip balm, or very minimal makeup. If you need to look fabulous immediately after your trip, apply a short time before arrival.

Qtica's Instant Repair Lip Balm Qtica Lip Instant Lip Repair Balm ($12.00, .5 oz, add to cart) is provides instant relief from dry, chapped and cracked lips in a thick balm that continues to protect your lips after application.

Stay Hands-Off

Public terminals, airplanes, trains and buses can all carry bacteria that you definitely don’t want to be transferring to your face. Be careful of what is touching your face (especially when about to fall asleep) and bring along some hand sanitizer as a precaution. If you indulge in a little pre-flight fast food, be sure to clean the grease off your hands and your mouth area as you don’t want that on your skin for the next five hours!

Know Where You’re Going

Research your destination before leaving with regard to temperature and humidity. Compare your destination to your current location and determine if there will be any change. Drastic changes can be brutal on the skin and can sometimes lead to breakouts or irritation. Be prepared with the products you are bringing. If you are going somewhere drier and colder, be sure to pack a richer moisturizer. If you are going from cold to tropical, take a lightweight moisturizer and stronger cleanser with you. Whether you will be hitting the ski slopes or the beaches, don’t forget the sunscreen!

DCL's Super Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50+ DCL Skin Care‘s Super Sheer Sunscreen ($24.00, 2.5 oz, add to cart) provides high UVB absorption and powerful UVA blockage in a lightweight application appropriate for all skin types.

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