Nail Salon LED Lamps May Be Safer for Skin

A recent news clip on NBC’s Today Show reported that a new study shows that UV lamps in nail salons may increase cancer risks. These dryers emit UVA light to cure or harden gel “polishes” in a fraction of the time it takes to dry regular polish.

Dr. Lyndsay Shipp, who lead the study said: “Even with numerous exposures, the risk for carcinogenesis remains small.”

Even so, Shizuka new york Day Spa’s owner, Shizuka Bernstein, wanted to avoid this risk altogether and opted instead for a LED-based gel manicure and pedicure system for her New York City nail salon.

“Our LED system uses LED lamps instead of UV lamps to cure gel nails. Our clients like our LED gel nails because it takes even less time to cure nails than UV gels (30 seconds versus 2 minutes) and feels safer,” says Ms. Bernstein.

Learn more about Shizuka new york’s LED Gel Nails here >>



Source: The New York Times Nail Salon Lamps May Increase Skin Cancer Risk


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Valentines Day Nails

Pinterest Nail Spa Board

Find Valentine’s Nail Art inspiration on our Pinterest board

Valentine’s Day Nails

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Valentine’s Day nails! Are you looking for something simple and feminine like a solid pale pink or rose color? Do you crave hearts or L-O-V-E lettering?

Whatever you fancy, we’ve got loads of Valentine’s Day inspired nail art on our Pinterest Nail Spa Board.

Check it out and if you find something you like, let our skilled nail technicians recreate it just for you!


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How to Care for Weak and Damaged Nails


For split or cracked nails, cut tiny strips from a tea bag. This will act as a band aid while your nail grows out. Cover the nail with a clear polish or top coat, place the strip on the crack and cover with another layer of polish. This will seal the crack, allowing you to add a layer or two of your favorite polish over it.


Nails, hair, and skin are primarily made up of the protein keratin.  When a diet lack lacks protein and proper vitamins weak or brittle nails can develop.  To strengthen nails take B vitamin supplements daily and be sure to include healthy sources of protein into your diet. Expect to see results in three to six months (the time it takes for a new nail to grow).


To prevent already weakened nails from incurring additional damage, opt for an LED Gel manicure or pedicure instead of regular polish. LED gel firmly adheres to the nail’s surface, shielding it from incurring further damage from the environment.

Further prevent your manicure from prematurely chipping by wearing gloves when washing dishes and gardening. Also, moisturize hands and feet daily to keep skin and cuticles supple and soft.











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Bridal Nail Art is Yahoo Shine’s “Nails of the Day”


Bridal Nail Art by Sarah is Yahoo Shine’s August 20, 2013 “Nails of the Day”!

SHIZUKA New York Salon modernizes the age-old wedding day maxim — “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” — with this glitter and gold nail art.




For more nail art ideas, visit our ‘Nail Spa’ Board on Pinterest>>


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HOT Summer Nails

Summer nails

are all about using

feminine colors

in a bold way.

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Essie – Mint Candy Apple

Essie - Cute as a Button

Essie – Cute as a Button

Essie - Avenue Maintain

Essie – Avenue Maintain




















Every tried Gel Nails?


Check out these +HOT+ Gel Manicures w/ Design by Sarah:

Nail art Shizuka new york Day Spa

Glitter Gradation + French + Leopard Nail Art








Nail art Shizuka new york Day Spa

French + Stones



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New Nail Art for Spring!

We’re cooking up some new and unique nail art ideas for spring!




Try the Basic or Sugar Scrub Manicure with this delicate and chic gold blocked design for an additional $2/nail or an additional $3/nail with colors.








For some sparkle and fun, try the Gel Manicure with a stripe design for $3/nail and stone assortment for $2-$4/nail!




Got an idea you’d like us to try? Email an image to: [email protected] and let’s talk!


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Prada-inspired Nail Art for Spring!

Last year, we wrote a blog post about Prada’s Spring 2013 show in Milan showcasing a bold new take on traditional Japanese-inspired clothing. With the beginning of spring officially just a week away, we thought we’d share some nail art designs inspired by the same collection!


Photo Source: Teen Vogue




Photo Source: Teen Vogue




Photo Source:











Related blog post: “Tips for Nail Art Perfection” >>


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Tips for Nail Art Perfection!

Nail art is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to be expressive and even a little festive too!

Having trouble deciding what your next nail art should be? Here are some helpful tips to get your creativity flowing:

  • Look at images on nail art websites or just Google “nail art images”. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see something that inspires you!

  • It’s best to come into a salon with a picture already printed out or email the salon beforehand. There’s a possibility the salon won’t be equipped to execute the design and plus, there’s nothing more disappointing than trekking somewhere for nothing!
  • Although DIY nail art kits are super fun, letting a professional do it for you ensures you’ll have a pristine manicure without any stress or time wasted. Professional manicurists have a good idea what will work for the shape and size of your nails and can recommend ideas you may not have thought of.
  • If you’re really into a type of pattern, fabric, or design, bring in a swatch or a picture and watch your manicurist do wonders to bring that design to life on your nails!
  • If nail art isn’t your thing, but you still want to try something new, try picking out 2 or 3 or your favorite colors. Adding a small colorful embellishment (like a color blocking design, images like a heart or flower, or even crystals) to a nail or two can really elevate your manicure to the next level!


Here at SNY, we have talented nail artists on staff every day! Contact us beforehand with your idea and we’ll make sure to pair you with the best manicurist for your needs!






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Creative Nail Designs

Looking for some creative and fun nail design ideas this fall? We’ve compiled a few:



Starry Night – Craving a little star-studded sky? This look can be as romantic or as galactic-glam as you like!







Adorably Dotty – Kate Spade’s Fall 2012 collection showcased polka dot nail art —  so fun and can be combined with a variety of colors!







Ombre, Ombre! – Ombre hair (color fading from dark to light) is still on trend and the look has translated into nail art as well. Celebrities like Rihanna rock the ombre effect (also called Gradation Manicure), and it looks stunning!


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LED Gel Nail FAQs

Repeatedly, clients want to know more about our LED Gel Nails so we decided to post some of our most frequently asked questions and answers:



Q: At another salon a gel soak-off takes about 10 minutes, why does your LED Gel Soak-off take longer?


A: Our Gel Soak-off takes about 45min to complete. After soaking off and removing the gel from your nails, our estheticians carefully perform a detailed dry cuticle care treatment. This treatment is very detailed and helps to extend the health of your nails and to prepare them for their next treatment.





Q: Can I request a soak-off even though I received a gel manicure from another salon? And how much extra does it cost?

A: Yes, we can still perform soak-offs for UV-cured gels, however, the process is a bit more arduous since in most cases we need to file down the whole nail first. Our soak-off price for UV-cured gels is $40. To save you time and money, we suggest going back to the salon you received your treatment and receive a soak-off there before coming in.




Q: Is your LED Gel Nails really long lasting?

A: Yes! If your nails chip or peel within 10 days of your treatment, we will gladly redo the nail for free! Because our LED Gel Nails last longer than a regular manicure or pedicure, it’s an ideal treatment if you’re going on vacation or will be away for an extended period of time—more time to enjoy your time away and less time worrying about your nails! To show you how durable our LED Gel treatment is, we documented a LED Gel Manicure performed recently:

Day 1

Day 7

Day 14










If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to email us at: [email protected] or leave a comment here. We love hearing from you!


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LED vs. UV Gel Nails

Before coming in for their first LED Gel Nail Treatments, some clients want to know: What’s the difference between LED and UV Gel Nails?

Basically, the difference lies in the gels’ ingredients and the light needed to cure, or dry, it. Our gel requires LED light to form an even protective layer over your nails. “LED” stands for “light emitting diode,” which refers to the type of bulb an LED gel lamp uses.

Our gels are made from a formula designed to respond specifically to LED light wavelengths, which dries the gel in 30 seconds. Most UV gels take about two minutes to dry under UV Light.


The end result — base coat, two coats of color plus one top coat — looks no thicker than nail polish and stays on your nails for at least 10 days. We guarantee it!







Learn more about our LED Gel Manicure or Pedicure treatments >>


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Celebrity Red-Carpet Manicures

Adele's Louboutin-inspired Mani

Adele's Louboutin-inspired Mani

Adele’s super glamorous Louboutin-inspired manicure at the Grammy’s this month has certainly caught our eye! This lux look only works on longer nails, so take a month or so to grow out your nails, then visit our nail spa for this sing-your-heart-out celebrity treatment!

zooey-dechanelWe also think Zooey Deschanel’s Tuxedo Nails from the Golden Globes are super adorable (and also do-able in our nail spa!)


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Glam It Up with Stunning Nail Art

Looking for a fun new way to look dazzling at holiday parties? Check out these festive LED Gel Manicure designs created by the talented manicurists at SHIZUKA NY!                  Combine any of these nail art designs with our current 20% off LED Gel Manicure specials and get absolutely stunning nails for LESS until December 31st, 2011!


These looks feature Swarovski crystals, glitter gel, and nail stamps (gold glitter design also available in silver).


Call (212) 644-7400 or inquire online about pricing and appointment availability.



Request an appointment NOW! >>

Check out our current Holiday Spa Deals >>





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Halloween Week Spa Specials

Hey Shizuka NY Insiders!

With Halloween right around the corner, you’ll scream at these Halloween Week Specials, good October 24th – 31st, 2011. Appointments are going fast, so reserve your spa TREATment now by requesting an appointment online, or calling (212) 644-7400.

Geisha Facial®, $90 (Reg $180) Save 50%!

Halloween beauty never looked so good! Save a whopping 50% on this exclusive facial, seen on TV broadcasts and magazines internationally for harnessing the unique Japanese geisha tradition of cleansing the skin with nightingale droppings. This 50 min. facial also includes cleansing and light pore extraction using products from the all-natural Shizuka New York Skin Care System, a camellia oil facial massage and a green tea Collagen Mask.

Gel Nail Manicure – solid color, $38 (Reg $50)

Show off your Halloween spirit with our solid color Presto LED gel nails. Better yet, bring in a sample of your costume and let us create a custom color just for you. Mix things up a bit with festive stamps, hand drawing and glitter for an additional $10 and up.

50 min. Shiatsu or Swedish Massage , $80 (Reg $105)

Almost as sweet as a bagful of candy, our Shiatsu and Swedish massages will leave you feeling rejuvenated minus the empty calories! Treat your body and spirit to a 50 min. massage by one of our highly skilled massage therapists.

Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel , 1.7 Fl oz/50mL – $56

If you don’t feel like carving pumpkins this year but still want to indulge your festive side, try Naturopathica’s best selling Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel. By utilizing pumpkins’ powerful carotenoid antioxidant qualities, this refining peel is formulated to slough away dead skin cells for a clean, clear and radiant complexion. For an additional $30, sample it by asking your esthetician to add it to your favorite facial (already included in some). Or, simply take some home for yourself and let your skin glow like a jack-o-lantern all year round!

Spa deals are available October 24th – 31st, 2011. Schedule your appointment now by using our online request form or call (212) 644-7400.

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!


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