7 Tips for Naturally Stronger Fuller Lashes

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Besides opening up the look of your eye, lashes actually serve a function to protect the eyes, keeping them free from foreign agents and debris. Regular lash care keeps them healthy and strong while making your eyes “pop”!

Here are 7 easy tips to keep in mind for naturally stronger fuller lashes:


1.  Rub eyes delicately if you really have to. Lash roots are extremely delicate so any scratching or rubbing can actually weaken lashes causing them to break.


2. Stay away from lash roots when using an eyelash curler. You know you’ve gone too far when you pinch or tug the eyelid.


3.  Remove all mascara gently with make-up remover before going to sleep.


4.  Comb through lashes to remove clumps of mascara as soon as it’s applied and don’t tug lashes. If the mascara has already dried a bit, apply a bit of make-up remover to the comb until the clumps are removed and lashes separate.


5.  Throw away old mascara.  It’s ideal to renew your mascara every 6 months. The likelihood for germs and bacteria increases the longer you keep it.


6.  Replace any eye makeup used during an eye infection, including pink eye.


7.  Condition lashes regularly. Just like your hair, lashes need to be conditioned as well. You can purchase eyelash conditioners over-the-counter that will help fortify and moisturize your lashes. Conditioners are especially recommended between any chemical treatments like eyelash perms.


    • Other alternatives for longer lashes include: eyelash extensions, Revitalash, or the prescription drug Latisse.




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Lashes: Shizuka New York

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The Japanese Eyelash Perm (60 min, $90) at Shizuka New York Day Spa is featured on AOL’s wedding site, Aisle Dash, in a guide to the best wedding eyelash treatments by Jennifer Tzeses:

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