Vol. 163 Father’s Day Spa Deals and Gift ideas from Shizuka NY!



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Volume 163: Father’s Day Spa Deals and Gift ideas from Shizuka NY!

Father’s Day Spa Deals and Gift ideas from Shizuka NY!
Hi Shizuka NY Insiders,

Father’s Day is June 19th !

We’re offering several Men’s Spa Deals for Dad to look and feel his very best!

Father’s Day Spa Deals are sure to soothe his senses and renew his spirit.

As an appreciation for working hard every day, celebrate your Dad/Husband throughout the month of June with the following Father’s Day Spa Specials*:
15% OFF Men’s Classic Facial – $102 (reg.$120)            DadFacial
Our Men’s Classic Facial is popular as a monthly or seasonal maintenance facial, and is the perfect starting place for clients new to our spa.

This facial is customized to your skin type includes cleansing with our all-natural skin care products, exfoliation, pore extraction, hydration and a finishing mask.


15% OFF Massages                                                     DadMassage

50min Shiatsu massage – $97.75 (reg.$115)

75min Shiatsu massage – $136 (reg.$160)

Shiatsu Massage is an ancient Asian massage therapy that incorporates finger pressure and gentle stretching to promote a healthy flow throughout the body.

50min Swedish massage – $97.75 (reg.$115)

75min Swedish massage – $136 (reg.$160)

This relaxing massage uses long, fluid strokes and light-to-medium pressure to decrease stress and tension and improve blood and lymph circulation.

50min Deep Tissue Massage – $106.25 (reg.$125)

75min Deep Tissue Massage – $144.50 (reg.$170)

Deep Tissue Massage will ease his tensions and leave his body revitalized and ready to move.

50min Aroma Scape Massage – $114.75 (reg $135)

75min Aroma Scape Massage – $165.75 (reg.$195)

Invigorate the senses and escape the hustle of NYC with our signature aromatherapy massage in which complementary essential oils are layered to take you on an intense journey.

50min Hot Stone Massage – $114.75 (reg. $135)

75min Hot Stone Massage – $165.75 (reg.$195)

Heated basalt stones are used in this NYC massage to soothe tired muscles. The heat from the stones penetrates deeply into muscles allowing tension to melt away.

50min Reflexology(foot massage) – $97.75 (reg.$115)

Dad’s feet can easily get sore from all those hours standing and running from place to place. This centuries-old Asian foot massage reduces stress as it improves circulation and helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

Request an appointment online, on your mobile device, or by calling (212) 644-7400.

Be sure to mention the PROMO CODE** .



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Dad will feel polished and groomed with SNY & Naturopathica’s all-natural men’s grooming products!

Shizuka New York Skincare’s Skin Freshener is great for men and women, especially during the summer months, to refresh skin by removing extra oil and dead skin.

Naturopathica’s Clarifying Facial Wash is a sulfate-free foaming cleanser combining refreshing Cypress Oil, Aloe and Lime to gently cleanse and clarify the skin without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.


*Father’s Day Spa Deal is available only from June 1st – June 30th, 2016.

**Father’s Day Spa Deals may not be combined with any other coupons or promotions, including Spa Finder Gift Certificates, Yelp Coupons, and Hilton Club Card.

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